Our Story

Our Story

When our family dog Zeus developed a seizure disorder at age 10, we did what most concerned pet parents do: We took him to see the vet. However, the traditional approach turned out not to be a good fit for our family. Thus, an opportunity presented itself for education and action to improve his health and quality of life another way. We did our research, as well as asked our community for help. Hemp CBD was a natural intervention recommended by friends, with research to support it as a treatment option.

When given the CBD oil, Zeus dramatically improved and his seizures resolved. He had a swift recovery, and soon resumed his normal walks and began playing with his big brother, Caesar, like old times. It was a huge relief, and we were grateful for a healthy Zeus. Years later, he remains seizure-free on a minimal dose of CBD. Now his brother, Caesar (also a dog), also benefits from hemp for his osteoarthritis. And it is a daily supplement for the household humans as well.

At Emisha, we believe companion animals are members of the family and advocate for them like family. It is important for us to offer products specifically made for animals that are natural, safe and made with premium ingredients. With this in mind, we offer our first product in the portfolio, Emisha CBD Dog Treats. They provide a 2 mg pre-dosed dog treat which takes any hassle out of dosing and is packed full of synergistic nutritious ingredients.

Our first hand experience and knowledge of how families are impacted when given access to quality, natural health products keeps us grounded in the mission to provide premium hemp CBD products for family pets. At Emisha we welcome this opportunity with excitement and look forward to learning the stories of how CBD has positively impacted your family.  

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