Pain and inflammation can take the joy out of even the happiest pets.  Everyone wants their companion animals to live the best, most comfortable life possible and joint problems can really make it difficult.  Typically NSAIDs, (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are prescribed for animals and can provide some relief.  However, with the use of NSAIDs many animals experience stomach upset and NSAIDs can also cause kidney and liver damage.  As pet owners seek safe ways to offer relief to pets experiencing pain and inflammation, Emisha’s hemp CBD dog treats and oil tinctures are available to provide a safe and natural option.

Target Inflammation Naturally!

We understand using holistic options can sometimes be hit or miss. Pet owners want the best for their animals and that’s what we deliver at Emisha.

Our CBD doggy treats are made with organically grown hemp and combined with helpful ingredients like flaxseed oil and vitamin E which also help combat inflammation and stiff joints. Did we mention the treats are a bacon-cured flavor? To put it simply, you dog will love these nutritious and delicious health treats.

Most people believe that larger dog breeds are the only ones that deal with inflammation and joint issues. Yet, many smaller breeds can also be susceptible to these inflammation problems. That’s why Emisha’s canine treats are a good choice for all breeds, ages and sizes.

For pet owners that aren’t looking to expand their pets’ treat menu, we also offer our CBD oil tincture. This allows you to administer drops either on top of your dog’s food or directly.


Learn More and Try Our Treats Today

Hemp CBD oil has quickly become one of the most popular wellness supplements in the world today. Research has shown that its’ versatility and safe properties offer a great solution to help with your dog’s joint or inflammation issues. Order our canine snacks or tincture drops today and see the difference all-natural ingredients make.

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