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As your companion animal gets older, there is a high chance they can develop arthritis that can be extremely painful for them. While bigger dogs tend to be thought of as more likely to develop arthritis, the truth is it can impact any dog regardless of breed. As more people continue the shift to natural wellness products, Emisha’s dog snacks and oil tincture are ideal choices for the family’s animals.

A Little More About Emisha

Our K9 treats are made with our veterinarian-formulated, organically grown hemp CBD. This oil combined with tasty, nutritious ingredients will instantly become your dog’s new favorite treat. There is on-going research illustrating the properties hemp CBD oil has to help ease the pain of arthritis.

Did you know that CBD can be used with almost all of the family animals? For the horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs and more in your family, we also offer our hemp CBD oil blend in an oil drop tincture. This allows you to administer drops as needed either with food or give it to them directly!

Our treats and oils are made to work for any size/weight to provide lasting health benefits and relief.


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Whether your companion animal is older and dealing with developing arthritis or you’re interested in the other benefits of our CBD oil tincture and canine treats, try Emisha today. We offer a satisfaction guarantee that our products will enhance health while also becoming their favorite treat!

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