Pink Topaz

Pink Topaz

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A favorite of co-founder Zeus, Emisha Hoods are all-season hoodies offer security, comfort & love through touch. 

This first line of hoodies is dedicated to smaller animals, cats and dogs (<5 lbs - 25 lbs). Available in a range of colors and sizes XS-XL.
The Hoodie is a 70/30 poly/cotton blend.

Confidence in Natural & effective Choices.

Emisha Wellness is a natural animal health & wellness cooperative. Cooperative in our intention to offer & further the cause of health & wellness for companion animals & humxns.

We offer support through plant therapies & reconnection to ancient healing traditions.

Remembering Earth & Ancestral Traditions

Whether it's CBD for dog health or medicinal mushrooms for cats and dogs, Emisha Wellness is a community and resource for natural remedies often overlooked in animal care discussions. These natural & ancient remedies are for the enhancement of health & wellness. Please visit our learning page for tips & information on practices.