Easing Your Dog’s Anxiety

With the rise of CBD in pet health and wellness, many families and veterinarians are leaning towards the use of CBD to help treat anxiety, inflammation, pain and some neurological disorders in pets.


CBD (short for cannabidiol) is derived from cannabis plants, a family of plants that includes both hemp and marijuana plants. CBD is not a psychoactive compound. This is because CBD is one of the two most prevalent compounds in the marijuana plant, the other being THC which is the compound that creates a “high” feeling in the body.

CBD oil derived from hemp is legal in most states, while only a select few states consider CBD oil derived from the marijuana plant legal.

Pet Anxiety

Many pets, like humans, experience anxiousness and as a result of certain triggers during daily life. When a thunderstorm occurs, fireworks go off or a group of new friends come over, your furry friend may experience increased stress and anxiety. Many pets even show evidence of separation anxiety. Some symptoms that are common in dogs suffering from anxiety include:

  • Scratching at doors
  • Licking of the lips
  • Increased grooming
  • Whining
  • Panting
  • Shaking
  • Pacing
  • Uncontrolled urination

How CBD Helps with Pet Anxiety

As pet owners learn how to spot the signs of anxiety in their dog, CBD oil can be an attractive, natural remedy for helping pets with cope.

CBD works with your dog’s body through the Endocannabinoid System where it interacts with specific receptors. Endocannabinoids are naturally produced and received in the body to help regulate emotional conditions such as anxiety, as well as physical conditions including the immune system and pain. CBD is a phytocannabinoid that comes from a plant but also interacts throughout the body and Endocannabinoid System like naturally occurring endocannabinoids. Once in the body, the CBD compound provides relief and assistance to parts of the body that may need it. 


Safe, Effective and Organic

Emisha is focused on offering pet wellness products that help animals live as healthy a life as possible. As part of this commitment, we offer organically grown hemp for pet and dog treats so you don’t have to worry about added chemicals with unknown negative effects.

CBD itself is a safe and effective alternative option and it is derived from the cannabis plant family. To support this, many scientists have found that CBD doesn’t exhibit any effects that would lead to dependence or abuse.

While CBD is a great tool for providing relief and acting as a preventative health method, the compound does not produce a “high” feeling. This finding has led many pet owners to feel confident in trying some of the CBD natural remedy options from Emisha, being THC-free certified, for their furry friends’ preventative and palliative health purposes.

How to Dose Your Pet’s CBD Treatments

Since CBD is a new product that has been gaining popularity in the market, it can be hard to know what the right dose would be for your pet. While Emisha always recommends seeking qualified advice from your pet’s veterinarian, other factors to consider when purchasing CBD for your pet include:

Existing health conditions in your pet

Some conditions in your furry friend can affect the absorption of CBD. Examples include liver and kidney conditions. Along with this, other medications for existing conditions can interact with CBD in different ways. We suggest speaking with your veterinarian to understand any medication interactions. 

Weight and size

Your dog’s weight and size play a role in how much CBD is needed to find the right amount of relief for anxiety. The larger the dog, typically the more CBD is necessary.

Your pet’s lifestyle

Your dog’s lifestyle, particularly its activity levels can affect how quickly the CBD is metabolized and therefore how effective the dose is.

It’s always important to start low and pay attention to your pet’s behaviors after treatment. With the help of your veterinarian, you can begin to work up to higher doses until the right amount is found for your furry friend’s current health and lifestyle.

Natural Remedies for Pet Anxiety

Emisha offers a broad spectrum, organically grown hemp CBD products for your pet, from dogs to cats and more. From infused dog treats to tinctures and oils, Emisha has a variety of products for you and your pet to try to help enhance wellness through preventative and reactive treatment. Try one of our health-enhancing favorites like delicious, healthy dog treats today!







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