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Mushroom Allies

With almost 50% of dogs and 25% of cats developing cancer in their lifetime, exploring safe ways to prevent disease & boost the immune systems is worth it.

Medicinal mushrooms can be an ally in the daily health & cancer discussions. Holding both nutritional and medicinal attributes, the power of mushrooms has been recognized for thousands of years.

In fact, across Asia, there are more than 100 types of mushrooms used to treat cancer & strengthen immune health. We've combined two power house mushrooms; the umami taste of shiitake, (Lentinus edodes) with the sweeter, neutral taste of Poria (Poria cocos) as the perfect way for dogs & cats enjoy healthier lives & love the taste of their daily mushrooms.

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Beach Days.

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For animals as well as plants, there have never been individuals. We are all lichens.

Evolution Journey

Caesar and Zeus were two companion dogs and family that I loved on for over 15 years. They were simply the sweetest dogs I’ve known. Quickly in our journey together, I realized they too were complex Beings, capable of experiencing life through curiosity, love, fear and jealousy, pain and joy to name a few.

Taking Care of Yourself & Community Is Priority

We hope you're taking care to take care. Finding healing & support in the safe places like the beach, forest desert or perhaps a shared meal, book or even interest.


An overwhelming majority of plants, trees and fungi, live in close relationship with each other. Each maintains the balance of receiving to live and thrive and sharing so that Other's may also live and thrive. We recognize the countless forms of cooperation and interconnected life on Earth. The balance for Emisha is in exploring ways to support the Land Back movement which recognizes & respects Indigenous knowledge and sovereignty, and returns what was violently invaded & occupied.

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