More wholeness for you & companion animals

More connection with the Earth

More joyful moments together

Sharing natural remedies & solutions for companion animals & people.

Gentle, Effective & Safe

Plant-Based Tinctures

That can support the daily health of people & companion animals. These Beings share wisdom on vitality & can help with cold, flu viruses, respiratory illness, cough, stress, energetic expansion, anxiety, deep sleep and so much more.

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Help Ease anxiety, inflammation, stiff joints

CBD Dog Chews

THC-free chews to help soothe all kinds of discomfort. For calmer minds and easier mobility. You’ll love the tail wags, they’ll love the taste.

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Healthy, whole Families

People & Companion Skin

Try our topical oils, teas and sprays that are intended to nourish skin, coat, fur and hair. These formulations came about through work with the nervous system, hair & fur growth, eczema, wound healing, deep bruising, maintaining supple & hydrated skin.

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For Pets & People to d-Dtox

A must-have for unexpected situations. Curiosity is their nature—sometimes they’ll eat things they shouldn’t! Pet dTox is handy when you need it most.

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Cozy & Secure

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More time in the forest.

Indigenous wisdom

We honor the source of our knowledge: Indigenous peoples and their healing practices, developed in collaboration with the Earth.

Multiple Pathways

There are many pathways to health and many Earth allies—plants, herbs, trees, and fungi—to help along the way.


We recognize the countless forms of cooperation and interconnected life on Earth and the way our lives impact one another.