Evolution Story

It all started with Caesar and Zeus …


The sweetest dogs I’ve known. My companions—my family!—for over 15 years. I cherished their sweetness, but they were so much more: fun, smart, mischievous, well-traveled, well-mannered, well-liked. They loved deeply and were loved deeply in return.

For the first 10 years of their lives, they were both healthy and active, needing only dental care and routine check-ups to keep well. 

Then they started to slow down. Suddenly (it seemed), Caesar and Zeus needed veterinary attention more frequently. I assumed age-related and commonly diagnosed ailments like arthritis and flea allergies would have multiple options for safe and effective treatments. I was disappointed to learn that traditional veterinary options were limited and often low in quality—well beneath standards for both human food and medicine. In our case, the medications commonly prescribed to companion animals caused Zeus to develop a seizure disorder. 

It felt like an impossible situation. The oral flea medication prescribed to Zeus triggered his seizure disorder, and Caesar’s ongoing flea allergy required effective protection. We were left with few traditional options for treatment. I was distraught, but determined. 

This challenge accelerated my own evolution. I was inspired to play an active role in my companions’ health, educating myself and utilizing my background in biotech and clinical research to learn how to be a better animal health advocate and champion for my family.  

This experience led me to reconnect with natural healing traditions that predate typical vet care. Through these healing practices—developed in collaboration between Indigenous people and the Earth over many generations—Caesar and Zeus recovered. They went on to live for 5 more joyful, love-filled years.

Although words cannot describe the heartbreak I experienced when they passed, I continue to take solace in the additional healthy years we had together. 

I founded Emisha Animal Wellness to share what I’ve learned with other pet parents navigating the same challenges that my family faced. 

We believe in multiple pathways to health, and that through a balance of science, Indigenous wisdom and lived experience, your companions can thrive. Just like Caesar and Zeus did. Welcome to the community.


With love,

Aisha, Caesar, and Zeus