Our Healing Story

Caesar and Zeus were two companion dogs and the family I loved on for over 16 years. They were simply the sweetest dogs I’ve known. For the first 10 years of their lives, both were very healthy and active, needing only dental care and routine check-ups to keep well. I mentioned they were sweet, but I left out fun, smart, mischievous, well-travelled, well-mannered, well-liked, as well.  It wasn't until about 10 years old, did they even slow down. Suddenly, (it seemed), both dogs needed veterinary services more frequently. I incorrectly assumed age-related and commonly diagnosed ailments like arthritis, flea allergy, pain, inflammation, would have multiple effective & safe treatments. (I was not aware of prevention through early supplements.) However, I found it both concerning and disappointing to learn traditional vet options were limited and often with quality below human standards for both food and medicine. In our case, the use of commonly prescribed medications caused Zeus to develop a seizure disorder. 

It felt like an impossible situation as use & contact from oral flea medications triggered Zeus’s seizure disorder, and Caesar’s on-going flea allergy required effective protection from fleas, leaving few traditional options for us. This challenge accelerated my evolution, growing me to action, educating myself, utilizing my background in biotech and clinical research, to learn how to be a better animal health advocate & champion for both dogs. The experience also revived my inclination towards natural healing traditions, the power of food as medicine and also started us on the journey to Emisha Wellness.

I credit their recovery and wellness to many things, but most importantly to the healing traditions I was able to learn of and access. These traditions offered helpful wisdom & knowledge and left me thankful because both Caesar & Zeus went on to live for over 16 years. And although words cannot describe the heartbreak and feelings of loss I experienced when they passed, I continue to take solace in the additional healthy years we had together and our awesome quality of life.  We played, ran, lived, traveled, cuddled, barked, and loved each other, and of course, started a family business; Emisha Wellness. As a pet mom, it was an honor to love and care for them and though this journey started with just two dogs in mind, Emisha Wellness was our family conversation and our family gift to those who understand the value in using natural animal health remedies.

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