Considering CBD for Dogs?

The medicinal and industrial use of hemp and CBD isn’t a new concept. In fact, hemp has been cultivated by humans for over 6,000 years. It has been been more recent that hemp CBD has become commonly used in both cats & dogs. With the rising popularity of these animal wellness products, it’s important to take your time choosing the best option for your family. 

CBD dog treats help with common aliments like anxiety, pain and arthritis and is safe for frequent use. Cornell, Veterinary Schoolconducted a study examining the safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetics of CBD with dogs with osteoarthritis. (OA) (Quick note: up to 50% of dogs & cats are impacted by OA over their lifetimes. There are very few medications to treat long term pain & inflammation in pets.) These researchers observed that dogs given hemp CBD for osteoarthritis experienced a significant reduction in pain and allowed them to stay active. The article also shared the were no side effects with 30 days of use.

I had a similar experience with CBD and my dog, Caesar. CBD was safe enough for longer term use and effective within an hour. I saw the transformation of him anticipating pain, becoming withdrawn, low activity, --to being more social, playful, regaining ability to walk up stairs and jump if he so desired. CBD was a long-term ally for Caesar when vet options were not safe for long-term use.

In our house, CBD increased the quality of our life: brought Caesar back to socializing without anticipating pain from the daily life of sitting, moving, jumping and running. 

Check-List for Choosing CBD

One question we get at Emisha frequently is how to choose the best CBD from all of the available options. From one dog parent to another, save valuable time and money by considering some of the following points:

Calculate the amount of CBD in each treat/package

The FVETs study found effective dosing for dogs at 1.1mg/lb. Caesar was a healthy weight and more lean was good with our 2mg CBD dog treat. From a dog-mom perspective, During cold or sudden weather changes I learned to manage his arthritis with 1-2 chews daily for about 10 days. Then moving to every other day for about a week, then I would stop the chews for a week before starting over again. Since arthritis does not typically resolve and still exists in warm weather, I also prophylactically gave him treats to help management of pain and joint stiffness throughout the year.  

Checking THC levels

THC level checks can be another way to narrow the CBD selection. Hemp CBD should contain less 0.3% THC, per the legal definition. Many companies adhere to this and Emisha Wellness takes it to another level with CBD that is broad spectrum and also has a THC-Free certification. This certification guarantees hemp with negligible levels of THC. It can be comforting to know your dog will not get “high” or intoxicated to receive the associated health benefits.

    Knowledgeable and Helpful Websites

    It’s perfectly appropriate to contact a company before you invest in a CBD dog treat provider. Speaking one-on-one will give you a better idea of why their product is a better fit than other pet health products on the market.

    At Emisha, we ensure that each of our employees are comfortable discussing every offering. This allows us to help our customers make efficient and well-educated decisions on the best dog treats for your pet.

    When you speak to a company and the staff is unsure of important information regarding their product it should raise a red flag. Especially when the product hosts a medicinal ingredient. CBD is safe for animals, but it’s still crucial to be cautious when dealing with any pet health and wellness product.

    Questions to consider: What are some of the companies you trust with health & wellness of your dogs? Why? Do you lean on other pet-parents for their insight & experience? 

    Treat Flavor and Consistency

    Dogs aren’t usually known for being picky eaters. Still, if the companion animals in your household are anything like the ones I lived with for 15 years, they are. I have noticed that most cbd dog treats are hard and often in the form of a biscuit. As a dog mom and also someone who reads health literature, most dogs have dental issues after the age of two, so as they get older harder treats can be painful to chew. 

    At Emisha, our bacon cured flavored treats give your pet the taste of beef and bacon. We add synergistic ingredients like flaxseed oil and vitamin E, which both combat inflammation and promote joint health; make our treats good to taste and good for them.

    Appropriate Dosage Instructions

    Hemp is a naturally occurring substance, but like almost everything else it moderation and awareness is key. 

    Some dog treats may be prepackaged with doss. This makes it easy to give your dog the exact right amount of CBD for their size and weight. Check with your holistic vet as well if it is helpful to further your understanding as well. 

    Try Emisha’s CBD Dog Treats

    Emisha began out of a dire need to help a family pet overcome seizures at the age of 10. Working with CBD has shown us the power of natural holistic treatments. Using only the highest quality ingredients in our products, Emisha strives to provide every pet with a happy and great quality of life.

    Try Emisha’s CBD Dog Treats for an option that delivers consistent 2 mg dosing, is THC-Free certified, lab-tested and filled with delicious and synergistic ingredients.


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