How to Choose CBD For Your Pets

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It is used in many modern medical products due to its ability to relieve stress and anxiety and treat illness-specific symptoms. Like humans, our pets get sick or need wellness products from time to time. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing our furry companions in need. Age, illness, and injury are all causes for ailments and while seeking help from your vet should always be the first line of defense, a holistic treatment, like CBD can help.

At Emisha, we are passionate about helping animals and work closely with pet owners to find the right natural treatment for their pets. If you are considering CBD for your pets, you may find yourself wondering which is the best method of application for treatment. Here, we’ll closely examine CBD, its uses, and which is best for your pet.

Common Forms of CBD

CBD for animal wellness and pet health comes in a variety of applications. Choosing the right product for your pet requires careful consideration. While all quality CBD treatments have benefits and are helpful to the Endocannabinoid System, it is important to understand the differences to pick the best option for your pet.


A tincture is a mixture of a plant extract where CBD is extracted from high-proof alcohol or vegetable glycerin. While a tincture is sometimes effective for treatments requiring CBD, alcohol solvents can sometimes denature the extract, making it less effective. In addition to producing a less potent CBD, dosing often varies between users. On the plus side, tinctures have a long shelf life and are a great option for those wanting a lighter option.


Derived directly from the plant, CBD oil is potent and useful as a treatment. A variety of carrier oils, help to dilute CBD and make more accessible for use. Some popular carrier oils which can be used in food or directly ingested, include: coconut oil, hemp seed oil and olive oil. Check out the University of Colorado study on CBD oil to learn about dosages that can assist your pet.


Topical CBD lotions can work wonders with certain skin conditions, and some forms of joint pain. However, lotions may be tough to use on pets, as licking and fur may prevent the treatment from fully penetrating your pet’s skin.

Dog treats

CBD dog treats that are specifically formulated to deliver a CBD dose in each treat can be therapeutic AND deliver a tasty treat your pet will love.

Based on these descriptions and with some help from your vet to determine the right method of treatment, you can choose the appropriate CBD application for your pet.

Things to Consider When Choosing CBD

No two pets are the same, which is why it can be tricky to select a CBD application right for your dog. Some things to consider are:

  • How much CBD does your pet require?
  • Does your pet have long or short hair that may prevent a topical treatment?
  • Is your pet a picky eater?
  • Does your pet get anxious before a treatment?
  • Do you have the time to spend measuring dosages?
  • Is the brand you’re considering reputable?
  • What other ingredients are added to the CBD treatment you’re considering?
  • How knowledgeable is the company distributing your treatment?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options for a CBD treatment. You may find that more than one method of application still suits your pet well. If this is the case, you could try both at different times under the supervision of a vet, to see which works best. Keep in mind that while CBD is safe and effective in treating dogs and other animals, if taken in an improper dosage, it could be less effective, or cause side effects.

Emisha’s CBD Dog Treats – Make Treatment Positive

We hear a lot of stories about treating pets and the difficulties that arise from our customers. One of the problems many pet owners face is determining the dosage and measuring oils and tinctures for their pets. At Emisha, we take the guesswork out of this equation with our 2 mg CBD dog treat, which is a dose that has been shown in a clinical trial to provide therapeutic benefits. By measuring everything for you, delivering consistent dosing and a deliciously healthy treat your pet will love.

By using treats as our means of delivery, we change a tough treatment into a fun one. Pets love getting treats and the more love and pampering you lay on them when they take their treat, the more likely they are to view this as a positive experience.

When our pets are sick, the last thing we want to do is stress them out by forcing them to take something which causes them anxiety or discomfort. Emisha works hard to create treats that smell and taste great, tempting your dog to dig in and take a bite without the need for a struggle.

Try Emisha’s CBD Dog Treats. They provide a 2 mg pre-dosed dog treat which takes any hassle out of dosing and is packed full of synergistic nutritious ingredients. For more information on our treats, or to contact Emisha for other health and wellness pet products, visit our website.

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