CBD Gains Popularity as Natural Health Remedy for Pets

Just like humans, pets experience health conditions as well! As a pet owner, you’ve likely felt helpless when your dog or cat is suffering from pain, inflammation or other conditions that cause discomfort. As popularity ramps up for CBD medication for humans, so does the application of the all-natural treatment.

Why is CBD Popular for Pets?

Many dog, cat, horse and even bird pet owners have turned to CBD as a wellness option or treat their pet’s aches and pains. Because this is holistic, the decision to implement CBD into a pet’s wellness routine is easy for many owners.

Since each dog has different preferences, the growing CBD industry has created a few different ways to administer the holistic treatment to pets. For example, CBD can be given to dogs through tinctures, treats, topicals such as lotion and oils, mixing powders and even shampoos. This makes treatment that much easier for both the pet and its owner.

Besides, being a cost effective solution, CBD does not have addictive qualities and does not cause organ damage like some traditional pharmaceutical options such as opioids and ibuprofen. This is another reason why many pet families are making the switch to a more natural solution that still offers positive results.

The Way CBD Works

CBD is a derivative of the cannabis sativa plant – an oil that is extracted using methods such as CO2 extraction. CBD stands for cannabidiol, the medical component of cannabis. This component of the cannabis plant reacts with multiple body systems and the endocannabinoid system receptors throughout the body. CBD does not produce any hallucinogenic effects or the “high” feeling.

Both in humans and in many animals, the endocannabinoid system is closely linked to many functions throughout the body, including metabolism, immunity, digestion, allergies, anxiety and skin health. As a result, when cannabinoids within the CBD interact with the receptors within the body, it modulates symptoms within the body such as pain, anxiety, aching and nausea.

How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

Throughout the years, especially as your pets grow older, they might experience acute and chronic health conditions. While some conditions require traditional interventions such as surgery, CBD is quickly becoming a common way to treat aches, pains, as well as some behavioral conditions in pets.

Some of the common pet health conditions that have been treated with CBD include:

CBD Oil for Senior and Disabled Dogs

One of the hardest changes for pet owners is to see a beloved furry friend experiencing reduced mobility as the pet grows older or suffering with a condition like arthritis. According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, osteoarthritis, (OA), affects a quarter of all dogs. Currently, the primary treatment vets turn to are NSAIDS, (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The most common NSAIDs are aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen.  Although NSAIDs can provide relief, the relief can be limited and can come with serious side effects such as chronic gastrointestinal and kidney issues.

A recent study conducted by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine found that using hemp CBD oil with dogs with osteoarthritis can significantly improve pain, lameness, weight-bearing capacity and increase activity within 30-days.

As improving quality of life and providing pain relief are key reasons pet owners seek treatment, alternative options like CBD are critical. For many older pets, there are a few very common issues that CBD can help with that are all linked to mobility and quality of life:

Pain Management

Pain can be caused by many issues throughout a pet’s life, such as injury, surgery, and chronic and progressive diseases like hip dysplasia, and arthritis. CBD has been found to be a great holistic alternative that produces consistent pain-relieving results in many dogs, cats, horses and guinea pigs.


Inflammation is closely linked with chronic pain and can drastically reduce your pet’s quality of life. CBD oil has been found to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, even when applied topically.

How to Give Your Pet CBD Oil

When looking for CBD treatments for your pet, look for supplements that are made specifically for dogs, are derived from cannabis plants, are tested and are clearly dosed. This makes sure that you know what your pet is consuming, giving you peace of mind and giving your pet its quality of life back!

A CBD dose is best determined by your veterinarian and by starting out small and gradually working up to a higher dosage to find the perfect amount to alleviate the symptoms your pet is experiencing. Additionally, it’s crucial to get your CBD from a reputable source, so feel free to ask questions regarding the ingredients from the brand you decide to use.

While it’s uncommon for pets to experience negative effects from toxicity, it’s important to ensure that your pet does not ingest THC or other toxic substances that are commonly combined in human CBD products such as chocolate. Using a hemp CBD that is certified as THC-free, or broad spectrum CBD ensures all THC has been removed and can be used safely with pets.

High Quality Treats to Help Ease Your Pet’s Pain

Try Emisha’s CBD Dog Treats or CBD oil for a THC-free, broad spectrum options. The treats are carefully designed to provide a 2 mg pre-dosed dog treat! These treats are made to make CBD dosage simple and so you can rest assured that your pet is taking a treatment that is full of synergistic nutritious ingredients.


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