Pet CBD and Human CBD

With the growing popularity of CBD as a treatment option for various ailments, it’s also becoming increasingly popular for it to be used for pets as well as humans. But can the same CBD be used for both animals and humans? The short answer is yes.

Why CBD Can Work For Pets and Humans

The only differences between CBD for pets and humans come down to dosage and different packaging label requirements as per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because of this, it’s not impossible to use the same CBD, but it can be more inconvenient.

Most of the time, pets ingest CBD through flavored edible items to make it more appealing. That said, there is more variety for humans, but pet CBD won’t always be in a desirable form to humans. On the reverse, many oils that are marketed towards humans are fairly concentrated, so dosing can be challenging when dealing with small pets such as cats and dogs. Quality-wise, standards for human oils should still be met with dog treats. The FDA has different standards for human or animal products, so although CBD works for both, you’ll want to choose products of the same quality for your pets as you do for yourself.

CBD as a Holistic Wellness Treatment

CBD oil promotes our System to maintain internal homeostasis – the balance across all our major regulatory systems (the nervous system, circulatory system and more).

By working through our various regulator systems, CBD helps the body synchronize the chemicals and hormones needed for everyday function. In doing so, CBD can help treat many health conditions such as anxiety, depression, epilepsy, cancer, and chronic pain and inflammation. The end result: improvement to overall health and well-being.

For dogs, cats and horses alike, studies have shown CBD can be a powerful holistic tool to address a variety of conditions and ailments. Some of the common uses for CBD in pets include:



The Search for CBD Quality

Some factors to look out for in terms of CBD quality, whether it is marketed for pet or human use can be found below.

Certificate of Analysis

The certificate of analysis indicates that the product was produced by a manufacturer that was tested by a third-party lab. Customers can request this from companies they are purchasing from and the companies should provide.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP)-Compliant

When given this certification, a CBD manufacturer has followed certain FDA standards in order to qualify as Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP)-Compliant. This can provide comfort in knowing the manufacturer produced the products in a safe way for use.

Dosage, Ingredients, and More

Other items that should be on the label of your CBD product is a full ingredients list, whether it is oil or edibles. The ingredient list should read pure CBD with no included THC or terpenes. THC, although acceptable for humans, has been deemed as a toxic substance for dogs and cats and should, therefore, be the number one concern to watch for. You can either look for a broad spectrum product, which has everything in it, except the THC which has been removed, or an isolate, which is just CBD alone.

In addition, the amount of active CBD per serving, suggested use, batch or date code, manufacturer or distributor name should all be included on the label. This ensures that the care was taken to find the right dosage and provide ample information to the consumer.

Importance of Proper CBD Dosing

Proper CBD dosing for animals and pets differs greatly.

For more about treating your cat, dog or horse with CBD, visit this Healthlink article.

Tips for Dosing

  • Start with a low dose
  • Monitor your pet’s reactions
  • Increase doses slowly until the optimal reactions appear

The main takeaway when it comes to CBD for pets and humans is dosage and quality. While CBD is non-toxic, adverse reactions can occur as a result of a very high dose. If you notice negative effects such as excessive panting, lethargy, vomiting, dribbling urine, and loss of balance it’s possible that your pet has consumed too much and may be experiencing toxic effects.

Because of the small amount needed for pets, human CBD oils aren’t always easy to administer to pets. With this in mind, it’s highly recommended that separate CBD treatments are purchased for pets and humans.

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