Where to Buy CBD for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets?

You know that your furry friend can get a lot of benefits from CBD products. It may help them overcome anxiety, deal with the chronic pain of old age, or fall asleep easier. In fact, one medical survey found that 60% of dog owners use a CBD product. Where are they all buying it from?

Choosing your source carefully is important. You want to give your pet only safe, high-quality products, CBD included. In fact, it may be even more important to choose your choice of CBD wisely than things like pet toys, as you don’t want to end up giving your pet THC. At Emisha, we focus on quality and safety first, because as we expect the best for our dogs, we want to deliver only the best CBD for your family pets.

What else do you need to know to choose the right company for your dog, cat, or other pet? Here are four things you should consider when you’re looking for CBD for your four-legged family member.

1. Look for Pet-Specific CBD Products

It’s 2020, there are products specific to almost everything and anyone, so why not expect the same for your pet? CBD and other wellness products should not be limited or different and can be formulated specifically for the animals in your family. After all, products that work in humans, often works in animals as well. However, products intended for humans can be less safe, more potent and/or effective for pets (and less convenient for you).

First, it’s important to choose pet-specific CBD products so that you can get the dosage right. CBD intended for humans just doesn’t have the information you need to dial the product down for your much smaller pet. In fact, some edible CBD products may be very difficult to cut into small enough pieces to appropriately dose a bird or a ferret, for example.

Emisha’s pet CBD oils have a calculated strength for pets. With our 250 mg CBD oil vial, we provide visual dosing guides. And our edible CBD dog treats are also dosed just for dogs. In fact, a visit to our resource page shows how a recent clinical study illustrates therapeutic benefits with the recommended dosing of our products. 

2. Find a CBD Treat That Will Taste Good to Your Pet

Also, consider that what tastes good to a human doesn’t always taste good to an animal. CBD edibles meant for people may be difficult to feed your dog, and if your whole goal is to decrease your dog’s anxiety, you don’t want to be force-feeding him.

With beef liver powder, natural bacon flavor and other delicious and healthful ingredients, any dog will be thrilled with Emisha’s CBD treats. With a mild flavor, our oils are another option to incorporate into your other pet’s food without ruining the taste.

3. Choose Safe, CBD-Only Products, Not THC

Your pet doesn’t need to get high to enjoy the pain-relieving and therapeutic effects of CBD. In fact, with the concentration of CB1 receptors in their brain, getting high may be a very uncomfortable experience for your dog. Research seems to demonstrate that cats are not as affected by THC, but it still isn’t wise to give them THC without veterinary monitoring. Other animals, like dogs and horses, may respond with excitement or alarm to THC, which could be dangerous for them and their human friends.

We believe that pet products should not contain any THC, which is why we offer THC-Free Certified products for pets. This certification is from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

We are very concerned about the purity and safety of our products, which is one of the reasons our hemp CBD oil and CBD dog treats are made in a certified clean facility. There are both internal and third party testing for quality control. Any customer can request a copy of our Certificate of Analysis. We urge you to compare our hemp CBD products to others like them and make the call about which is safer yourself.


4. Consider USA Grown and Organic Hemp

When you’re making the best decision for your pet, you can also make sustainable choices for the environment. Emisha’s pet hemp oil is made with organically grown hemp right here in the USA. When you buy our oils for your pet, you’re also supporting organic farming practices. Plus, we don’t taint their great work by using harsh chemicals to extract the CBD oil.

5. Look for Broad-Spectrum Hemp

Most CBD oil products will include only hemp isolate. However, we don’t believe that works as well for our dog as broad-spectrum hemp. Our products include the full plant, which means there are cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds along with hemp isolate. The only thing removed, is the THC and associated “high”. We think this more natural form of hemp delivers the most benefits to your pet.

In the end, you want to choose a CBD hemp oil company that is focused on quality first, and Emisha is that company. Learn more about how our family dog, Zeus, experienced a better quality of life and a reduction of seizures from CBD hemp oil, or jump right in and try Emisha’s CBD Dog Treats. They provide a 2 mg pre-dosed dog treat which takes any hassle out of dosing and is packed full of synergistic nutritious ingredients.

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