Duke joined our family in February 2021 when we discovered him at a dog rescue. We lost our beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Tallulah, on December 31, 2020. Finding DUKE brought joy back into our home and into our lives. Unfortunately he had been hit by a car and abandoned at a dog park, so when he came to us he was a giant ungroomed-fluff ball getting around on 3 legs post-surgery. But we were more than excited to embrace him with open arms as our new pup! 

We found out Duke’s breed by giving him a doggy DNA test! To our delight and surprise, he’s a mix of poodle, border collie, maltese, and shih tzu! We believe he got his adorable, one-of-a-kind underbite from his shih tzu side!

Our favorite characteristic about Duke is how much he adores snuggling and cuddling! He always wants to be near us and spend time with us!  During dinnertime, he curls up under the table for a quick nap. 

Something we have in common with Duke is that we all love spending time driving in the car! Even though we’ve only had Duke for a few months, he has already been on road trips to Santa Barbara and Lake Arrowhead!  But a trip down the street is just as thrilling for him. 

One of our favorite rituals is our mornings with Duke. He vigorously greets each of us as if we haven’t seen each other for years! He gets belly rubs from each of us every morning and he loves his early morning walks around the  neighborhood.       


He loves playing with his toys, especially his rope monkey and stuffed Turkey. But chewing on and playing fetch with his favorite squeaky green ball is the highlight of his day! 

Duke is a protector through and through, he demonstrates the protection that is necessary to survive in nature. Duke also respects his Mom, and sleeps in her room every night. We have learned so much about how animals communicate and interact and realized they are always learning and just want to please us. 

Duke has a beautiful canine tooth we like to call his sweet tooth. It sticks out of his underbite and is so adorable. He also has stunning large Amber eyes that almost look human! Everyone who meets Duke falls in love with him immediately. He’s the sweetest boy and we can’t imagine life without him.

Thank you Marilyn for the introduction & for sharing uniquely Duke attributes. Your family was there for Duke when he needed it and he is there for you. Love, light and fun to Duke & Marilyn.

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