Jackson & Terreia

Jackson and his mom Terreia became a family seven years ago when she moved to Los Angeles. Having a good friend to explore a new city is important and Jackson was the perfect dog and partner to explore and meet new friends. 

Over the years, they have traveled together exploring other cities and have enjoyed places like Denver, New York City, Jackson, New Orleans, Chicago, Phoenix, and Las Vegas just to name a few. Speaking from experience, Terreia believes Jackson travels better than most people and loves his ability to be flexible in different situations.

Being cultured through travel is not Jackson's only cool characteristic. He also happens to be sweet, loving and loyal. The added bonus is that he is an expert fetcher and sunbather. And besides having the camera love him, he masterly navigates cute and handsome at the same time. We're not done yet, as Jackson rounds his attributes out with a super power!  He has the ability to communicate his requests with Terreia by stomping around to get her attention and then staring at the object that he wants. (Smart too!)

On August 7th, Jackson and Terreia will have the unique experience of being the same age (considering dog years) and are planning a big celebration to mark the special birthday.  More than ever, celebrating with friends and family is a luxury and they plan to spend the day with each other and their closest friends.

After their party wraps and they're back home getting ready for bed, Jackson will most likely keep his daily bedtime routine and grab his favorite red blanky for warmth, cuddles and comfort. And maybe even a little added security. In either case, this has been his ritual since he was a puppy. 

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We're thankful to Terreia for introductions to Jackson. 

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